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Things In Order is an organizing company with a passion for helping you regain confidence in your home. We help by simplifying your space through decluttering, creativity, and functionality. As we implement new structures and functionality, we will also give you the tools and motivation you need to maintain the organizational systems on your own.  

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My goal is to help busy professionals and overwhelmed families create order and function in their lives through organization. I'm here to guide you through this exciting journey from chaos to easy and simplicity with my creative and an incredible eye for detail.

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Home Organizing

"Ryana was actually early and very eager to get started. I am still working with her probably for at the least another two weeks and then after that I have 1 project that will take a week if not more. We got so much done in my kitchen/ pantry today and I had so many duplicates of food items I was able to donate an entire box of food, just from our work today. Ryana is the sweetest, hardest worker, friendliest & a lot like my best friend.... She very gently "nudges" you to part with things you really aren't using/ don't need, that you may not want to let go of. I am so looking forward to continuing to work with her in the coming days and weeks because my TH is a BIG project. Ryana is very much worth the amount she charges and EXCELLENT at what she does! HIRE HER!!"

Janice S.

“Second time hiring & even more thrilled the second time around. She can make the most overwhelming task feel like a breath of fresh air when she's finished."

Saroya B. 

This beautiful young lady is AMAZING! Ryana is her name; and she "🎶...turned my mour-ning into dan-cing!!!🎶" My walk-in pantry was soooo crowded from the floor almost to the ceiling, literally. I NEVER keep the pantry door open; but after Ryana worked her magic, I refuse to close it! Oh, did I mention that she also organized some kitchen cabinets and my laundry room??? I am so happy with EVERYTHING her hands touched! I can't wait to start our next project! Hire Ryana TODAY, she DOES NOT disappoint!

Marlo S. 

"Ryana was very prompt, professional and did a great job reorganizing our pantry! I highly recommend her! Before and after pics! Thank you!! I will definitely use her services again!" 

Breanda K.

Lovely, pleasant woman. Trustworthy and safe. Great work ethic. Goes above and beyond. Would highly recommend.

Christian J. 

Ryana is a life saver! My bedroom was overwhelmed with clothes that I couldn't get under control. Now everything has a place and my room feels like a beautiful sanctuary.
I can't wait to get started on our next project together!

Holli J.  

Ryana was Awesome! She was punctual, professional, organized, and kind. She was responsive and effectively communicated her process and prices during our consultation. She did a great job packing all of my belongings so I could begin a long arduous moving adventure. I will be requesting her services for the unpacking process as well.

Alisha C.  

This was the best experience I could have asked for easing into organizing my chaos. Ryana took her time and gave me time to process what to let go and what to keep. She was kind and patient with me. I value punctuality and checkins to ensure our schedules align. Thank you so much and I recommend her services 100%. She helped my house of stress become a home of peace.

Caila L. 

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